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An update

“Normal” work has been very very busy recently and I’ve not had a chance to do anything for the last 10 days, by the time I finish working I’m just spent and burnt out from programming. I need to get some energy and quickly.

What I have been doing is some “research” :). Over the last week I’ve listened to the following three audio books whilst dog walking:

Blood, Sweat and Pixels provides a fascinating overview of the development of some well known games from both large and small development companies. Sid Meier’s Memoir, as a Civilization fan, was very enjoyable and really enamoured me to the man. Press Reset, by the same author as Blood, Sweat and Pixels is a little darker. Tales of burnout, corporate carelessness and failures and, sometimes, triumphs. I’ve not finished this one yet.

I’ve also started playing some games again. On the awesome Miyoo Mini+ I’ve completed a Mario game for the first time ever. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Mario_Land for the Gameboy. I used to have a Gameboy in the day and was always frustrated by the screen, it’s so nice to have a device with a very similar form factor and a good screen and thousands of old games I can play whenever I want.

I’ve also fallen in love with Hollow Knight on my OLED Switch. A beautiful work of art – my aim is this time, to complete it.

And … I’ve ordered an OLED steamdeck

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