About The Philosophical Dog Software Company

The Philosophical Dog Software Company is headed by me, Ian John Cottee, and I mostly provide software development and technical services to https://www.infi2.com/ along with a few other side projects. My skill set includes:

  • Python
  • Web Development. Javascript, HTML, CSS etc etc
  • Django
  • Odoo
  • Open Source generally
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Database Design

In 2024 I started working on game design as a two year project, a lot of which will be documented on this site.

I know Linux, Windows and Mac OS pretty well and have used all three of them as my desktop environments for 25 years (and in those days, the Linux desktop was an interesting world to live in and the Windows desktop was pretty hairy as well).

I can be reached at icottee@infi2.com or ian@cottee.org