And so it begins

I’ve been a developer for a long long time. It is fair to say, I am getting tired. Although I do other languages I major in Python and I have found myself in a rut for quite a while. So now it’s time to do some different things and think myself out of a box. 

The company basically focuses on offering contracting services to my previous employer Infinity. I love Infinity and they and the two companies before that I worked for (Blue Fountain and ICS) are/were a huge part of my life. They will always be. 

In the current world, what I do is to help our (Infinity’s) clients to get things done. I love it, I really do. I love seeing an issue, working out how to solve it and then putting that solution into place. Historically for many years (actually many decades) I have done things things by myself. People would come and go and I’d be there always so I’d take these things personally. But fortunately, those things have changed. Our team can operate without me and that is a good thing. 

It’s a thing that sometimes hurts. The great point of being a one man band is that you get all the plaudits. Woooo. The bad thing is a) You get all the s**** when things don’t go so well and b) Even when things are going well you need to switch off sometimes. You can’t do that as a one man band. 

I have let go and am still letting go. But Infinity is so much stronger now, because when the Grim Reaper finally catches up with me, the company will go on. By the way, just to clarify, I’m not dead yet. 

So the Philosophical Dog is mainly working for Infinity and working hard on that. But we (the dog and I) are going to look at game development outside of my normal work duties. Game development is interesting for a number of reasons:

It’s a bloody game for god’s sake!

it envelops many things I’m interested in, don’t get paid to do and am not particularly good at. 

it’s outside of the normal but frankly profitable world of manufacturing. 

The two year plan is as follows:

1. Develop a game for the Play Date (not a lucrative plaform but an interesting one to focus on in the long term for reasons I will expand on in the future. 

2. Make the same game work and sold on Steam.

That’s it!

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