Trying to use ChatGPT to help with graphics

Today I have decided to investigate using ChatGTP to do some image generation. Should be simple …

An encouraging start. Iteration 2.

Well, that was disappointing. The grass is NOT lower and the clouds are NOT higher in the sky and the sun is NOT removed. Plus the sea has appeared. Maybe I need to be clearer.

I am slightly puzzled by the assertion that the middle 50% is completely empty. We do have fluffy clouds and we do have grass (with some other grass icons there) and maybe that’s the bottom 20%, but we are struggling with the rest of it. I’m a little cross. Which is a bad thing. But I did focus on just one thing.

I feel we have an issue now.

Time to start again I think

Getting tetchy. Apologies. But it’s hard to see this as blank. I mean, it IS a nice image. But um …

See, I’m nice and calm.

OK. Maybe we should do some lessons, I need to be more specific maybe. I feel that I’m talking to Eddie on the Heart of Gold.

Christ on a shitting bike. You DID just create the image but now you can’t analyse it. OK, ok, ok. Calm. Calm, calm, calm.

This AI is high. And I’m out of here. Still. Nice image.

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