Cloud the cat

Continuing to get setup

I am reorgansing my work / life space to get ready for a change in gear and focus.

To the right is my work area. Macbook Pro M1 + two monitors. I’ve stopped my fixation with mechanical keyboards and I am trying to pare everything down. This is not easy. It is important to keep space available and I have things I don’t need all the time which I’d always try to arrange to be close but I don’t really need.

My work area below the monitor now contains the Norns, the OP-1 Field and a USB speaker. That’s all I need for the moment.

Cloud the cat

My right hand side of my work area has Cloud the cat currently. A notorious feline idiot.

To the left is my play area. This consists of:

  • An Alienware M15 R7
  • Xbox X
  • OLED Switch

The Alienware was my work computer. I developed on it with WSL2 and it worked very well. It has an insanely usable keyboard, so good that I have to stop myself from using it because it just makes everthing else pale into oblivion. However, I am focussing on Mac now which I will discuss why in a different post.

The only bad thing about the Alienware is the volume. It’s not terrible but it’s an ever present hum from the fans. Currently I’ve paired back the stuff installed on it and it runs quieter but it’s still there. The Alienware is there in case I need to do any PC specific stuff in the future as well as to play games.

I still need to do some some tidying up, a job. for today, April the 1st. The 1st official day of my project. But first, time to do some study.

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